Pro Tips For The Ultimate Bathroom Redo.

Pro Tips For The Ultimate Bathroom Redo.

How many bathrooms are in your home?

Most families enjoy at least two full baths as well as a powder room or half bath for guests. Each one serves its own purpose, which we learned after deciding to update our main bathrooms. We got to thinking about how each bathroom is used and what our best options were for optimal storage, stylish accessories, and of course, what we could afford.

We started with IKEA products and managed to make each bathroom in our home fresh and fabulous and still save money. Rub a dub dub!

Here are some of the best insider tips for making all your bathrooms beautiful, organized, and easy to keep sparkling clean, no matter who uses them.

 Create A Sanctuary In Your Master Bathroom. A few months ago, April wrote about how she created a reading nook for herself as a space to relax away from the chaos of the family room. The master bath serves the same purpose for many moms. Make your private bath a space for tranquility, where the clutter of the kids is absent and where after a long day, a luxury soak in a warm bath is a real escape.



Soften the room with plush new towels, hang a luxe curtain (pro tip: it doesn’t have to be a shower curtain - hemmed sheer window panels lend a dreamy effect), lay down new rugs and mats, and store scented lotions and bath salts in pretty woven baskets. Then lock the door and relax!


Style a kid’s bathroom they’ll actually want to keep clean.  OK, that might be a bit of a stretch, but you can at least make it easy for your youngsters to put everything in its place after they’ve washed off the day! 



Free up wall space by replacing towel rails with easy to reach hooks. Pro tip: assign a separate color for bath sheets, hand towels and face washers for each kid, so they know which is theirs (and you can tell who is leaving their stuff on the floor!) Place a storage bench under the hooks so little people can sit to dry off, making room for the next in line to get to the tub or sink. Lastly, use dark colors like navy and gray for bath mats, to hide stains. Don’t forget to add a few new bath toys for the little ones, and you have a kid’s bathroom that works for everyone.



Guests will appreciate a powder room with little extras. Store plenty of hand towels to avoid damp towel situations! Buy in multiple hues within the same color family for a pretty look. 



Pro tip: store everything your guests might need in plain sight, so they don’t have to search in closets and drawers. Flattering lighting will help your guests feel their best, as will a quality hand soap and a few dishes or containers with moist wipes and hand lotion.

Three different bathrooms, three awesome ways - these tips and tricks will cap your spring cleaning perfectly.

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