How To Shop Like A Design Pro

How To Shop Like A Design Pro

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love shopping at IKEA.

Everyone’s favorite Swedish import has something for every room or space in their lives. From a quick home decor refresh to a completely new kitchen,  IKEA is the place to shop.

You might also have heard the saying that if a relationship can survive a day at IKEA, it will be able to survive anything. There’s some truth to this! Every IKEA store contains thousands of square feet of ideas, products, accessories and...people. People who are also looking for the perfect items and have become overwhelmed by the choices on display. 

 Shopping IKEA’S website can be just as confusing. With over 30,000 items and some which don’t ship, or don’t come in the color you wanted, or are simply not available anymore, well, that’s a huge stress for someone who just wants a sofa to fit in their new condo, right? 

 As seasoned IKEA shoppers, we’ve compiled some tips for how to shop IKEA like a pro—and even avoid buying the whole store in impulse purchases!

Research - Before adding items to your online cart, take some time to budget and plan what you want to buy. IKEA’s website is very comprehensive and includes their entire inventory, so planning allows you to settle silly internal debates such as whether you want a BILLY or KALLAX bookcase.

 Measure Twice, Buy Once - While researching, take note of the dimensions of any items you’re interested in. Be sure to measure areas in your home (or office) to ensure you have enough space, including factors like walking room and doors. ModerNash makes returns easy, but it can be annoying to have to disassemble your purchase after you realize it doesn’t fit!

 Remember The Extras - like wall brackets, LED light bulbs, and all the stuff you need to make each item easy to install. So when you fall in love with a certain show stopping chandelier, you’ll be able to connect it because you remembered those add ons necessary to make it work.

Join IKEA FAMILY and ClubMod - No, you won’t get spam emails. No, you don’t have to collect points. You’ll simply get extra discounts on certain items in the store. Earlier this year IKEA kitchens were 20% off for members, which adds up to a lot of savings!

ModerNash is here to make shopping easy and fun for Nashville’s IKEA loving community. Our website has every single IKEA item and we deliver it all for about a third of usual shipping charges.

We also have a team of IKEA veterans who can put a room full of flat packs together in less time than it takes to eat a plate of Swedish meatballs. And since we’ve been bringing IKEA to Music City for over ten years, we have the most awesome IKEA junk drawer on the planet.

Seriously. If your order is missing a piece, a screw, or is damaged, we probably have just what you need to make it right, without having to drive four hours to Atlanta.

So, it’s not always as simple as “what color do you like and how much room do you have?

With your style and our experience, you’ll save your sanity and make your spaces look amazing.

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