5 Ways To Make Your Outdoor Space Look Incredible!

5 Ways To Make Your Outdoor Space Look Incredible!

Sunny days and warmer nights means it's time to make an outdoor space for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. 

Whether you have a patio, porch or balcony, creating a stylish, functional space with room for everyone in your home is easy.

Follow these five simple steps, and you'll have an outdoor living room for relaxing and entertaining in less time than you can say "come over and stay a while!"

1) Start with a thorough spring clean. Break out the power washer, check screened windows and doors for gaps or holes, and go over woodwork with a stain or fresh white paint. Not thrilled with your outdoor flooring? IKEA has super affordable floor decking options for a quick and easy upgrade.

2) Ask yourself a few questions. How do you use your outdoor space? Is it for relaxing, reading and napping, or are you more likely to entertain, cook and share meals outside? If you're like us, the answer is both! You'll want to consider lounge furniture or a day bed as well as options for dining and extra seating for guests.

3) Start with the big pieces. IKEA'S APPLARO product line is our top pick. Its natural wood is pre-treated and stained and all the pieces mix and match for easy custom looks. 

Seating  - by combining different seating sections you can create a sofa in a shape and size that perfectly suits your outdoor hangout. Add a few folding chairs or stools to pull out when friends drop by.



Eating - a dining table with chairs and a bench means you can move the seating to suit your needs, and the table has a fold down extension, so you're always able to invite extra guests!



4) Got a smaller space to fill? Balconies and porches can use outdoor chairs and slender tray tables to create a cozy nook for one or two people. If your deck or patio is large enough, create a conversation area in one corner with the same vibe.

5) Layer patterns and textures. Just as you would for inside living spaces, add pops of color and make chairs comfy by adding toss pillows in outdoor, fade resistant fabrics. Throws and rugs will ground the space, while plants bring nature in. If you plan to cook out a lot, grow a mini herb garden on a wall, or in planter containers near the grill, ready to snip!



Enjoy making a place for playing, eating, gardening, and hanging out with the people who make your mood match the season - warm and at home. We hope you get as much pleasure from your outdoor spaces as we do!   

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