Contain Yourself, We Have Four Kid's Storage Ideas You'll Love!

Contain Yourself, We Have Four Kid's Storage Ideas You'll Love!

It's an inevitable parenting fact that no matter how organized you are, when kids enter the picture, chaos of the best kind takes over.

Your living room's chic country-rustic vibe can literally be transformed into a clearance aisle at a toy store before you've had time to say "put your stuff away!" Your little darlings have a lot of stuff - and if you want to spend more time playing with your kids than picking up after them (or worse, nagging them to clean up) read on...

IKEA makes it easy and affordable to outfit your children's play or bedrooms with furniture and storage options to keep the clutter in check.

So, lean in, embrace the fun, and make it delightfully simple for your kiddos to pack up their toys, dress-ups and games, and find them again next time they want to play. (Speaking of dress ups, you're totally allowed to wear a tiara as you do this - it lends an air of regal authority and will make your little ones giggle!) 

Here are some of the best IKEA kid's storage and bedroom ideas for youngsters of all ages!

1) Looking for tricked out toy storage that looks stylish and actually has room for your artist/magician/superhero's props and supplies? We've got you. The LIXHULT system is colorful, modern and completely customizable. Good to know: a segmented unit like this one actually helps your kids keep things organized, compared with one big chest or closet, where small items can get lost or broken.

2) Do you share a smaller home with your growing family? Create a united front by converting a sideboard or buffet hutch into a play station in any "grown-up" space or underused area - hallway, dining room, or living room.

Bonus feature - having their toys and craft supplies in easy reach encourages independence and responsibility for even the youngest kids!



3) Sleep and storage in one package makes STUVA loft beds one of IKEA'S best sellers for kids aged 7-12. Featuring a bed, wardrobe and open storage, it can be configured to grow with your child's changing needs - simply add drawers or extra shelving for special collections, books, and toys, and use the desk for craft projects or homework.



4) Tweens and teens who have outgrown the family play room want privacy. Give them somewhere to keep their journal, jewelry, and other things they don't want younger siblings to get their hands on by mounting a cool wall shelf near their bed - this is especially helpful in a shared bedroom. Get this look with a single Kallax shelf unit and some  hip storage boxes.



Keeping your kids' belongings organized is an important discipline to learn and will serve your kids well - now and as they grow up. 

We keep a selection of storage options, as well as kid's bedroom and play furniture, in stock at our showroom year 'round. 

Shop our new website, where you'll find the complete IKEA product catalogue (did we mention that's over 25,000 IKEA items?!) twenty four hours a day, seven days a week

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