5 Easy Ways To Show Your Bedroom Some Love

5 Easy Ways To Show Your Bedroom Some Love

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you get ready for your day, rest and restore each night, and connect with your partner. It’s the sacred space where you begin and end each day.

Yet often, the bedroom is the most overlooked room in our homes. It’s easy to close the door when it gets messy, or if you’re like me, it become the catch-all for hampers of clutter from the living room when unexpected guests come over, or those baskets of laundry that you ran out of time to put away!

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of an organized, beautiful bedroom. Here are five easy, affordable and fun ways to show your bedroom a little TLC:


1) Update your bed linens. Adding a pop of color with new bed covers takes ten minutes. This cotton duvet and matching pillow slips add a fresh spring feel with a traditional Swedish pattern that adds interest to a modern look.

2) Place this pretty table next to a chair or chaise. There’s built-in storage room under its tray for chargers and power cords (which run from the base, so they stay out of sight!) and the neutral colors work for any room. You can also use it as a sweet alternative to a traditional night stand!

3) A desk as a nightstand? If you’re a reader of multiple books and magazines, or if you like your bedtime essentials within reach, a small desk makes a surprisingly versatile bedside companion.




4) Curtains are not just for windows. Create a willowy canopy or a stylish backdrop for your bed with a few sheer panels, curtain rods and ceiling hooks. With or without a headboard, this simple project transforms a bedroom into a boudoir.





5) Cue the lights! A well positioned lamp or two can make your bedroom warm or bright. If you have limited space, wall sconces or a hanging chandelier save room, add mood, and direct light right where you need it.










So, there you have it - a beautiful bedroom is as simple as a few IKEA pieces and your imagination.

Drop by our showroom and discover which items we keep in stock or jump on our new website and shop the entire IKEA bedroom catalogue anytime.


Next Blog: We’ll tackle the kid’s playroom in time for spring!

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