Preppy, Bo-Ho or Techie, 5 Steps To Your Dorm Room Style!

Preppy, Bo-Ho or Techie, 5 Steps To Your Dorm Room Style!

If this is your freshman year in college, you already know big changes are ahead!

College is the time to truly get to know yourself away from home and all that’s familiar, and to learn not just academically, but also study life in a whole new way.

Your dorm room or off-campus apartment will be your basecamp. So it’s fitting that you should outfit and decorate it to suit yourself, your style, and your new (hopefully) awesome room mates!

IKEA has cool stuff, we all know that, right? But it can be overwhelming to choose from all the awesome things you need and want.

Enter the ModerNash guide to shopping for the style of your college life!

Step One - Decide what you really need. A bed, a desk, some shelving and storage, and a dresser or wardrobe should get you started. You’ll probably also want to get a new mattress and some kitchen stuff to make small meals for when you’re not out and about.

Step Two: Time to decide on a style. Look at your favorite outfit. Is it jeans and a bo-ho blouse, Stan Smiths and athletic wear, or a button down and skinny pants? Your college room should reflect you and be a place you feel at home. Once you’ve decided on a style and basic color palette, all the little extras are easier to pick out.



Step Three: Think about the things which make a room a home. A rug, wall art, desk accessories, curtains for privacy, some toss pillows and throws all add color, texture and personality to your space.



Step Four: Budget. Make One. If you’ve worked all summer and have some of your own money to spend, ask mom and dad to match your dollars by offering to pay for the extras and having them cover the bigger items. They will probably be impressed by your adulting attitude and may even spring for that awesome desk chair you really want!

Step Five: Bring one or two items from home. Maybe it’s a cool concert poster from that epic show you’ll never forget, or a few framed pictures of friends and family from home. Because every now and then, you’ll enjoy having these reminders.



Order with us ahead of time and we'll store your products free of charge and schedule an exact delivery date so you don't have to coordinate with multiple delivery dates. In three simple steps, ModerNash makes the move a whole lot easier!

  1. Shop all the IKEA dorm room storage and furniture, bedding and study gear at
  2. Request a quote for assembly when you add products to your cart and select delivery at checkout and we’ll reach out with a quote for the cost to assemble your IKEA goodies after you place your order, then;
  3. Meet our awesome team on campus or wherever your college student is moving to, and we’ll get the lot unpacked, assembled and move-in ready.

 So easy, and no study required!

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