The Big Blue Box in Tennessee

The Big Blue Box in Tennessee

You may be wondering, “Where is the closest IKEA® store to me?" or "Is IKEA® in Tennessee?"

As of now, the closet IKEA® store to Nashville is located in Memphis, TN. There is also a larger IKEA® a bit further in Atlanta.

What? No IKEA® Nashville?

Yes, for the time being, there’s no IKEA® in Nashville. Although this past May 2017, IKEA® announced their plan to open a store in Antioch, TN, just south-east of Nashville, in the summer of 2020.

For all of us IKEA-lovers, this is a victory! Yet the wait may just drive us all insane, since IKEA® Memphis is still 200 miles away from Nashville.

So, this leaves the question, “What’s the quickest, most simple way to get IKEA® in Nashville TN without having to drive to Memphis or Atlanta?”

To get IKEA delivery in Nashville you have several options:

1. Be the delivery company.

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It’s how ModerNash got started. We simply asked people on Craigslist if they needed anything shipped from IKEA® and lo and behold we had some takers. There are pros and cons to self-shipping, but the main factors most people get hung up on are:

        • Vehicle isn’t big enough to transport what you need and the cost of a U-Haul rental is painfully expensive from Nashville to IKEA® Memphis and back is $350 + tax and insurance.
        • The value of your time. The average round-trip to IKEA® Memphis, including shop, purchase, load and travel home is 12 hours. If you make $25/hour like ModerNash’s Founder Nick Ray did when he was waiting tables at J. Alexanders in Cool Springs, that comes to $300 worth of time. Add fuel, food and wear and tear on your vehicle and you’re well over $400 to make one trip, and that’s without a U-Haul rental!

    2. Order online at

    IKEA Boat Image

      IKEA® offers online ordering for many (not all) of their products. When ordering online with IKEA® there are several factors to keep in mind:

          • IKEA® only ships a portion of the products they offer (27K+ products). IKEA® products are shipped from an IKEA® distribution center that has a limited inventory versus an actual IKEA® store that offers it all.
          • If you want any items that they don’t ship, like some of their Textiles, Armchairs or Outdoor products, you'll have to go the nearest IKEA® to pick them up.
          • All shipping companies are not created equal. Although IKEA® strives to meet the needs of their customers, sometimes things can fall short with delayed deliveries, broken items and missing products.
      When you’re a multi-national company using 3rd party vendors to ship and deliver your products, problems abound.
      Don’t take our word for it, see what others are saying at

        3. Finally, you can use a niche delivery company like ModerNash to bring your IKEA® goodies back to Nashville.

          ModerNash Logo

          A few things to keep in mind when using a service like ModerNash are: 

                • We are limited by what IKEA® has in stock at their store during our weekly trips. Although we strive to have a one-week turnaround for IKEA® shipments, if the products are out-of-stock at the IKEA® store we source from, we'll try again on the next trip.
            We will let you know if IKEA® is out of your product, so you can either wait to see if it’s available on our next trip, have us pick something different, or cancel any out-of-stock product from your order with no cancelation fee.
                  • ModerNash ships everything IKEA® offers with the exception of perishable goods. Our motto is: “If IKEA® offers it and it can’t be eaten or requires water to live, we can bring it home to Nashville.”
                  • We offer additional services beyond shipping your IKEA® goodies. Although IKEA® offers to connect you with third party vendors who can assist with the assembly or installation of your IKEA® products, ModerNash can take care of you from start to finish with IKEA® product shipment, white glove in-home delivery and assembly/installation of all your IKEA® furnishings. We also do custom IKEA® kitchens, offices, bathrooms and more!


              Getting the IKEA® delivery you need shouldn’t require half your weekend. At ModerNash, we strive to be the quickest, most efficient and customer service-oriented way to ship IKEA® to Nashville.

              Don't take our word for it, check out what our customers on YELP are saying!

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              We are so committed to getting you what you need that we’ve developed a simple online ordering process, included a brick and mortar presence with our Nashville showroom and a trained and knowledgeable staff to assist in all areas of IKEA®: product selections, project design (kitchen, bath, wardrobe, etc.), furniture assembly and product installation.

              Whatever your IKEA® need is, we are here to help “Bring IKEA® To Nashville.”

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