Five Ways To Feel Cozy And Win $50

Five Ways To Feel Cozy And Win $50

We love winter at ModerNash. When the weather begins to chill, we do too. Layering on warm knits, brewing some tea, and finding reasons to stay in and enjoy the comforts of home feels right when the winter months set in.

The Norwegians have a word for this feeling - koselig - which literally translated means cozy. Both a verb and a noun, koselig is a feeling to be shared.  A rustic dinner with family and friends, an open fireplace, a snuggle on the sofa with your dog and kids, anything which makes you feel warm, welcomed and comforted is koselig.

Recently my family and I moved to to a homestead south of Nashville which was a lifelong dream come true. Moving from the city to the country comes with its fair share of challenges for a family: meeting new neighbors, making new friends and in our case learning how to manage livestock and grow a bountiful garden. Although there are many changes, one of the best we’ve experienced has been the fall season. Surrounding trees changing colors and dropping leaves, our pumpkin patch producing autumn inspiring delectables and the funnest part of it all….homemade pumpkin pie with cinnamon chai lattes.

For myself, my wife and our children, these are the moments that have become a mainstay for our family reminding us of the warmth and coziness the season ahead provides.

Embracing winter and (literally) your loved ones changes your mindset and, according to scientific research, your health and emotional well being. Getting cozy, hugging, and napping release “feel good” hormones which boost your mood as well as your immunity to stress related illness.

Here are five easy ways to make your spaces comfortable, warm and inviting, so you can enjoy the cooler temperatures and create a beautiful koselig home.

  1. Switch out your bright summer decor for some mellow textures to layer. Throw rugs, toss pillows and rugs in rich colors and patterns add a soft feel. Drape a blanket around your shoulders and settle in to read or watch your favorite show.
  2. Candles and mood lighting. Lamps and candles create atmosphere in your living and bedrooms. IKEA has wax candles and LED lit votives for every surface of your home. A well positioned floor lamp can replace overhead lighting for a soft glow.
  3. Seasonal Cooking. Your favorite hot drink will taste better in some heavy ceramic mugs for tea, cocoa or homemade soup, and easy to install wall shelving will add counter space to winter-ready your kitchen for slow cooking and family dinners.
  4. Mood music. Create a playlist of mood worthy tunes or download a new novel to listen to and enjoy while you relax.
  5. Retreat and sleep. Soft faux fur or wool pillows and bedside rugs will dress your bedroom for luxe early nights and lazy Sunday mornings.

We don’t believe you can ever get enough koselig. Show us how you made your home warm and winter-worthy with IKEA and your personal style by uploading a photo to your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages. The first ModerNash Club Mod IKEA Family member to post a koselig scene and tag ModerNash will win a $50 IKEA gift card, so go get cozy and share your warmth with #modernash_koselig

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